Alioth Hull Fittings Kit


The Kit contains the necessary fittings to complete the hull. Most are products of Sailsetc.

See description below.

Estimated shipping date: 1 week.


The kit contains:

1 x Through deck block
1 x Fairlead 6 mm diameter
9 x Eyebolt M3.5
1 x Tapered bung
1 x Rudder trunk 4 mm diameter
1 x Mainsheet post
15 x socket head screws M2.5 and nuts
1 x Countersunk head screw M4
1 x Lock wheel M4
2 x Alu tube 4 mm diameter, 112 mm long
1 x Rod stainless steel 1.2 mm diameter


  1. If you would like to know the Sailsetc reference of the fittings, please, contact us; info@rcsailinglab.com

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