Alioth GCode Files + Maker Licence

From: 117.00 

Alioth v3 hull (since June 2023) for 3D printing. Alioth is aimed at all those who want to home-build a modern IOM class boat with ease and using the amazing 3D printing technology.

Hull sections files are for Z250mm printers (5 hull sections), and as an extra option, it is possible to include also the files for Z400mm printers (3 hull sections), or the files for Z210mm printers (6 hull sections).


0.8 nozzle is required to print the hull sections. 0.4 nozzle for all other parts.

Minimum build volume: XYZ 210x210x210 mm

What is included:
– GCode files of the hull skin and internal parts for PLA+/PLA material.
– STL files of the internal parts. STL files of the hull skin are not included.
– 1 Maker Licence. You can print it as many times as you like for your personal use, does not allow for commercial use or for third parties. You will receive in 24/48h your licence number and full access to the content (guides, and 3D repository) at

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