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Alioth files for Bambulab printers


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Gcode files of the Alioth hull sections are available for the Bambulab X1 printer.

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Comments so far gently shared by Will Newton:

A note for Bambu gcode users.

1. To set up for boat printing, pre-load your filament from the single spool holder. Do not use the AMS. Also, install the low or high temperature build plate. This g-code was not tested with a textured PEI plate, but it may be fine.

2. The Bambu will not perform automatic flow calibration. It will clean the nozzle and level the bed.

3. This file will not print at the normally expected Bambu Lab print speeds. Do not attempt to speed up the print to Ludicrous mode. The hull file prints slowly for maximum layer adhesion.


Also, the file should be run from the SD card.


Hi Team 
I need help with regards to the part 3 of the hull where it has shifted mid way in the code causing the print to fail. in fact i believe there are 2 shifts  one major and one minor, 

I have done 2 prints of this part and it has failed in the same location.  the first time i managed to stop in time thinking it was a bed shift or the printed object but on 2nd print it failed at the same spot.  any one able to help correct this?


The above is the second shift, you can see the center line being of a bit.  

Please ignore my last post.  I had used the Gcode from the original instead of for the P1.  seems good now.  thanks!!




I just started printing my first Aliot hull section with Bambulab P1S ( Textured PEI Plate). It came out nice to my understanding.

However I wonder about the print temperature setting in the G file. I used the RCsailinglab recommended filament eSun + which is specified for 190-220 C. I Noticed on the printer screen that it was working on 230C which is out of the range. I have not yet tried to edit the text file of G code and I am not sure if I should do it or if RC lab should correct the file to the recommended filament? Any recommendation?