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Mainsail Post Tube


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I printed a post tube on my Bambulab X1 using 'Mainsail Post Tube Bambulab 04nozzle.gcode' which I was sent. I have a Sails etc. post but the internal diameter of my printed tube is smaller than the diameter of the post. Am I doing something wrong?


Roger M. said, "I found that it is just the top of the tube that is tight (top 5-10mm at most). Carefully (by hand) ream the top of the tube with a sharp drill bit. Take it slowly and check often. I found it was only about 1/2mm that needed removing and then got a nice tight fit."

I do what Roger says. This part is difficult to slice, but if you want to try it you need to cut the part into 3 small parts, the bottom is printed as solid, the tube as vase mode, and the top as solid.


To make the movement of the sailsetc post smooth, I drill two small diameter holes. One on the bolt, and another on the lower part of the post. This way air can pass from one side of the O-ring to the other.